What camera settings for book scan?

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Re: What camera settings for book scan?

mobi1 wrote:

I need to scan circa 100 pages couple of books for some personal work. I thought of just scanning using iPad but then wondered whether my DSLR would be any better (and faster too).

So, if using APS-C 18-55 mm kit lens, what focal length/shutter speed/ISO etc. I should use? How far camera lens tip should be from the pages?

Only readability matters. Diagrams and equations should be sharp.

One problem with photographing books is finding a way to keep the pages as flat as possible. In particular, the bound edge tends to curve, and if the margin is narrow, text may be lost. For a few pages a friend's fingers may work if you don't mind seeing them in the final product.

Your lens's spec sheet should tell you what the minimum focal distance is, i.e., how far away it needs to be.

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