K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

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Re: The size and weight of an adapter

DougOB wrote:

Barry Pearson wrote:

In order to get a feel for the size and weight of the Nikon FTZ Mount Adapter, I've compared it with something I know, the Pentax DA 1.4x Rear Converter.

Nikon FTZ Mount Adapter

Diameter: 70mm (?)
Height: 80mm
Casing size, front to back: about 30mm
Weight: 135 grams

Pentax DA 1.4x Rear Converter

Diameter: 65mm
Casing size, front to back: 20mm
Weight: 126 grams

(I'm not making a particular point here!)

A naive, and possibly stupid, question... does a mount adapter need to have any glass in it? Or simply Mount A to mount B, a bit of a spacer, and circuit/control pass though?

An adapter needs corrective lenses in it if the flange focal distance between lens and sensor becomes greater than what the lens was originally designed for, if you want to be able to focus to infinity.

That is why I would need glass in an adapter if I wanted to use my old Pentax SLR lenses on my Nikon dSLR camera and be able to focus to infinity.

But with mirrorless cameras, there is a much smaller flange focal distance . . . so it is possible (most of the time?) to design an adapter to use SLR lenses on a mirrorless body without needing corrective lenses.

Having said that I believe that my K-to-Q converter is much more complicated than that...


The Pentax K-to-Q adapter has a built-in shutter, since the camera itself does not have a shutter.

Take care & Happy Shooting!


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