K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

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Re: K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

Hi Barry

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and leading this interesting brainstorming about hypothetical Pentax products.

I guess that "squaring the circle" is the ultimate goal for Pentax / Ricoh :

1. keep mechanical AV/EV/AF for KAF lenses

2. in the mean time produce more lenses like PLM with good internal motors and WR

3. find a niche compatible with existing lenses and new PLM ones

If next Pentax can't focus my old lenses, then ... switch to Canon or Nikon or Sony. With such gems I'll manual focus as well (or even better) with other brands.

My two cents ...

Good, comfortable and weather sealed small bodies are the roots of Pentax, and they're probably working with this in mind today.

Good adapters are indeed the right move for MILC. Nikon and Canon just proved it : great achievement and another higher step for Pentax to improve its lineup.

1. Rear filters for KAF lenses should be nice, in body or in adapter. Lee Filters are great, but should be even greater inside the camera or at least inside a rear adapter : just keep in mind the rear filter in the lens design. The thickness of the filter(s) is part of the optical path and should lead to a small shift of the sensor plane if needed.

2. Tilt Shift adapter for Pentax's 645 lenses retaining AV/EV/AF capabilities would be a bless for landscape and architectural photographers: I guess that it's impossible with technologies available nowadays, at least at a reasonable cost?

In fact I'd love to use CPL or ND filters with my F* 250-600 lens if the dream comes true one day.

Thinking aloud, I'm not sure Pentax has to make smaller bodies to succeed. If a MILC with inbody filters can be the same size as current DSLR that's huge point : you only need to pick your tripod and continue shooting under the rain. Special UV, IR or full spectrum photography would be a nice side effect at a reasonable cost ... and more people would then try MightyMike's amazing experiments and find unsuspected beauties just around the corner!

Another side point : no new mount needed ! You just get EVF instead of OVF, with its pros and cons. Nice to have I think as a spare body for the K-1 ... or the other way round ?

Barry Pearson wrote:

I wonder if an adapter could incorporate a variable extension, equivalent to an extension tube? Perhaps this would introduce a new point of failure with a poor cost-benefit ratio.

Nice feature if it can be done without spoiling IQ and strenght of the system !

A switchable x1.4 TC would be nice to have too - like Canon's 200-400mm or Nikon's 180-400mm - but must be harder to design or incompatible with too many lenses ? I'd love to have one with the 150-450mm ... and switch it on occasions for that little more reach.

Best Regards, Fred

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