K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

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More "camera body plus adapter" kits

There is a solidifying trend for on-line stores to offer "camera body + adapter" kits for the Nikon and Canon new-mount cameras.

(As well as camera bodies alone and "camera body + lens" kits).

The UK Nikon Store itself offers "Z-6 plus adapter" and "Z-7 plus adapter" kits.

Adorama also offers both of these kits.

I now think that these "camera body + adapter" kits are here to stay, and will be standard practice.

I don't think it is just a stop-gap because Nikon have started with only 3 Z-mount lenses, and Canon with only 4 R-mount lenses.

I think this is just a common sense view that lots of people will want these new-mount cameras to use with their SLR-mount lenses. Whether those users will add new-mount lenses later, or stick with SLR-mount lenses for the foreseeable future, will be personal (and unhurried) decisions.

I think the lesson for Pentax, if they are considering a new-mount mirrorless camera, is not to think that they must have new-mount lenses on day 1. (Perhaps 1 would be be useful for promotion, but I don't think it necessary).

Instead, they should emphasise from day 1 that their strategy is for existing K-mount lenses to continue to be "first class citizens" in their expanded eco-system. (A comprehensive adapter is important for making this story credible).

It would be necessary with every new lens being developed for Pentax to decide whether to make it with the existing K-mount or the new-mount.

I think the logic should be: "if there is little benefit either way, it should be K-mount, not new mount". That will have the biggest market without alienating Pentax users. And, of course, those lenses will work well on new-mount cameras via the adapter.

Over years, I would expect just a trickle of new-mount lenses, not a determined flood. (Hm! "Determined flood" from Pentax?) What constitutes sufficient benefit for a lens to be new-mount includes the extra quality likely from a better design for wide angle lenses. But it might also include lenses deliberately designed to be small and light.

I'm not sure what lessons can be drawn from the initial Nikon and Canon lenses:


24-105mm f/4
28-70mm f/2
35mm f/1.8 macro
50mm f/1.2


24-70mm f/4
35mm f/1.8
50mm f/1.8

Mid-range zooms plus wide-aperture 35mm & 50mm. No long lenses.

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