K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

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Re: K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

Thanks for this and your other well informed and thoroughly researched recent posts Barry, keep it up.

Some time ago, on this or another forum, I suggested a K-01 replacement, with FF sensor, EVF, no built in flash, a slimmer body, (but decent grip) and a detachable mount to provide aperture control and flange distance for K mount lenses.

Responses included the necessity of space for aperture motor, maybe for screw drive focus motor too (I can't quite remember), but if these elements required a bulge, fine, I'd settle for that.

The response to my ideas for a 'K-02' was underwhelming, probably because the K-01 is not much liked, except by myself and a few others.

Now that MILC cameras and flange distance adapters are de rigeur, hopefully the possibility will be considered. No need for colored bodies, but I personally would prefer a contemporary design rather than something retro, however I would forego that just to see a neat little FF Pentax MILC , just APSC to begin with, but designed with a future FF sensor in mind..

Regarding lenses, three new reduced flange F4 zooms and a standard prime would be enough to get the project off the ground. With an adapter there are enough small K mount Pentax primes to keep us happy.

It is interesting to speculate about whether Pentax would be permitted to use the same mirrorless mount as either Cannon RF or Nikon Z. The potential benefits would be users of either of these brands being able to use K mount Pentax lenses on their Cannon or Nikon MILC bodies (good for Ricoh sales) and the possibility of mounting Cannon, Nikon or third party RF or Z mount lenes on a Pentax MILC camera, which would give Pentaxians a greater range of lenses to choose from.

Now back to reality. Unless someone like Barry takes over the helm at Ricoh/Pentax(!), it ain't going to happen, and mores the pity.

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