K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

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Re: K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

Like Alex says - it has been done by Sony.

Also, the adapter could use a bulge in a strategic place (like Sony LA/EA4) to fit the AF motor for screw drive. A simpler version could do without. remember, Sony produced 4 versions, APS-C, FF, with and without PDAF so 4 variants.

There is a Nikon F inc manual aperture control for Sony E mount so handing the manual aperture lever should not the that difficult.

The Pentax adapter would not use a pellicle mirror so i guess ODPDAF in the MILC would have to be able to interface with screw drive AF.

A more gung-ho adapter could use a helicoil focuser for old MF lenses and switches on the barrel to quickly set focal length as well as sensing aperture set but I doubt such an adapter would emerge though it has been made for Leica M to (i think) Canon.

Even more insane would be an adapter with a built in mirror and OVF that mates to a MILC body but now we are leaving the solar system. I think the Zeiss Olympia used such a system in the 1930's.

But the real question is - can Pentax and Tokina together design and produce quality MILC lenses that are substantially cheaper than Sony? If so, they might be able to stay viable in the market.

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