K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

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Re: K-mount adapters for Pentax new-mount cameras

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Barry Pearson wrote:

Here are some thoughts about hypothetical K-mount adapters for use with hypothetical Pentax mirrorless new-mount cameras.

How comprehensive could a K-mount adapter be?

Could it control the aperture lever? Could it drive screw-focus lenses?

Is this a rhetorical question? We know it can be done, because it was done before - see Sony's LA-EA4. Actually the Sony does more, as it includes a PDAF system.

I didn't know that.

I've seen posts that question whether it can be done. For example:

Would Pentax supply a K-mount adapter?

Another rhetorical question. Yes, they would. The only question is the level of support.

Often in discussions it is useful to establish a baseline that all can agree with.

Here is a summary of my (pre-retirement) method to aid my consulting/facilitating activities:

What do adapters bring to the party?

A Pentax new-mount camera with an adapter attached is equivalent to a new K-mount camera. Pentaxians are encouraged by new K-mount cameras!

I disagree with this - a very important difference would be the impossibility of having an optical TTL viewfinder.

For me, not having a flipping mirror while panning in burst mode is a good thing!

I accept that you find EVFs unacceptable. I would hope that Pentax can satisfy both of us. But I am allowed to want my own requirements to be satisfied!

An adapter is just a means to facilitate migration to another mount. It is needed only for those who decided to migrate, and completely useless to the others.

It is a way of having a camera with a new mount that users can use with their K-mount lenses. They may never want to fully "migrate". They may just want to take advantage of some of the characteristics of such cameras without any intention of changing their lenses. Or they may indeed eventually fully migrate.

Lots of potential combinations are opened up. It would be up to Pentax and/or individual users to make their own decisions.

I suspect that this is part of the logic behind bundles that are starting to appear:

Jessops bundles

Canon R body with Mount Adapter

Nikon Z 6 body with FTZ Mount Adapter

Nikon Z 7 Body with FTZ Mount Adapter

And in practical terms, it is a myth that there have to be new lenses on day 1. The camera could be attractive enough in its own right, especially if it were bundled with an adapter.

An interchangeable lens camera with no lenses makes no sense. OTOH they could get away with just 2-3 lenses for the beginning

It would have 41 lenses in the current Pentax catalogue, of which 16 are FF.
It would have a large number of 3rd-party current-catalogue K-mount FF lenses.
(And a huge number of legacy K-mount lenses, which I typically don't use).

After all, I have all the "modern" FF K-mount lenses released in the last 3-and-a-half years. I would have a running start with a Pentax mirrorless new-mount camera!

It is entirely possible that I would never buy a lens released specifically for such cameras. Or perhaps just the occasional lenses that would benefit from the shorter registration distance.

(And, for the record, I hope Pentax releases all the current FF roadmap lenses as K-mount FF lenses, to avoid alienating existing users, and also to maximise the market for those lenses).

Many discussions that I've seen about new-mount mirrorless cameras that ignore the adapter(s) lead to false conclusions. Such as: "A dozen new-mount lenses are needed". "Users will abandon the K-mount, hence Pentax, because they are no longer being supported".

If all parties to such a discussion accept the fact that there will be a good adapter, for as long as they want one, it is more likely to be a productive discussion. There will still be disagreements, such as: "The adapters add too much weight (or size) to the camera". The "cost of adapters is too high". But those objections express the sort of personal preferences that we all understand.

(Nikon Mount Adapter FTZ: 70mm (diameter) x 80mm (height); 135 grams, 4.8 ounces. I haven't found the weight of the Canon adapters yet).

(It is a bit like having a discussion about not having in-camera flash, and ending up with the conclusion that now Pentax cameras are useless in the dark! No - flash is increasingly available via additional accessories, and that fact leads to different conclusions).

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