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Overcome The Negativity

It happened with the Nikon Z launch, and it's happening again with the Canon R launch.

There are people who seem to be determined, for whatever reasons or agenda, to just relentlessly hammer others with negativity, cynicism, and criticism of a device they have never used or even held.

There is nothing wrong with a reasonable discussion of pro's and con's, and to engage in discerning analysis of a product. But for some their agenda is just to create bad feelings, focus only on what the device does not have with no regard for what it does have and offer.

Where is it written that unchecked criticism is somehow cool, but being positive about a product is just being a "fanboy." Critical thinking is fine, but negativity for the sake of negativity leads to a miserable life and being a miserable influence on others.

It is up to us to overcome this negativity and try for a more balanced perspective.

Enjoy all of the new releases and don't let the haters get you down.

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