Sigma will release new APS-C lens this fall, will make more APS-C lenses "if response is good."

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Re: Third party Telephotos

Eniigma_21 wrote:

someguy50 wrote:

Maybe my standards are lower, or the wonderful sigma primes fit that need for me. I want an inexpensive longer zoom. Why is the $1000 70-300 my only option? I want a $250-400 one, like there are on every other mount

Same here, my 55-210 is not enough reach for my needs but i have to work with what i have. The 70-300 isn't a big step up in reach and the FE100-400 is WAY out of my budget. I've seen many users reports quality control issues with 70-300, not with the FE100-400.

I hope one day either sigma or tamron can make their super zoom 150-600 for E-mount. Even their 100-400 released last year for DSLR, sells for $800, it would be great options.

Maybe one day...

I though the big Sigma Canon zooms worked on e-mount with an MC11?

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