Canon Pro 1000 and ink waste

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Re: Canon Pro 1000 and ink waste

Marie Meyer wrote:

I have been shopping for a 13x19 printer that will see daily use. I want a big gamut. I had convinced myself that the way to go was the Canon Pro 1000 (Canon Epson because I want the option of using third party inks to save money). However, I've seen a rant on Facebook about how this model is defective. The poster claimed that that for every ml of ink he used in printing, he used another ml of ink in "cleaning". In other words: 50% waste. He says he has experienced this on two different Canon Pro 1000s.

Does anyone have any experience or suggestions they can offer?

Why exactly would you want a photo printer if not to produce the highest quality photo images possible - even if it might cost a bit more per print (which I don't think it does.)

I've owned many different WF and MF photo printers - including Epsons, HP and Canon. This printer is by far the best I've used. Maybe it does produce more waste ink than usual, but the small additional operating costs of the waste tanks and extra ink keep that precious expensive replaceable head clean.

In my experience, the Pro-1000 doesn't waste as much paper (through skewed and ink-smudged prints) as all the other printers I've owned. A 17 X 25 sheet of high quality photo rag is far more expensive than a few mL of ink.

The Pro-1000 also produces more beautiful prints than any of the other printers I've owned.

That's what is important, not a possibly few extra bucks of operating expense.

I think you were initially correct in convincing yourself to buy a Pro-1000.

Good luck, no matter what printer you end up choosing.


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