"Dark" printing; an update.

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Re: "Dark" printing; an update.

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Last week I asked for links to some reference images to debug a problem I was having printing dark images. Well, as many suggested, it was a setting error, not a problem with the printer. By switching to "Photoshop Manages Colors" and selecting an appropriate paper setting the reference images printed perfectly. The gray scale gradations printed smoothly with no noticeable banding or stepping, and the colors are spot on.

Appreciate the help and advice.

Of course! But what were you doing wrong so others can see what it was and learn from it.


I was using the "printer controls colors" mode, and selecting the paper type after that.

Shouldn't be that much of a difference between application controls color and printer controls color, but all's well that ends well, I guess.

Yeah, there sure can be depending on a number of factors.

But using Printer Manages Color shouldn't produce dark prints per se. Now depending on the lack of use of a color reference image where no editing is required and the condition of a display calibration or lack thereof, someone could edit that image incorrectly and end up with a dark appearing print. Hence the first step in figuring out the issue is printing (correctly) with a color reference image no matter how it may appear on-screen.

Photoshop (Application) Manages Color allows one to select the output profile desired, the rendering intent which alone can change the output, the simulation of ink and paper and thus, what is seen on-screen and on a print. Which is why the OP is now back on track using the preferred print path: Application Manages Color.

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