Selections and Gaussian blur

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Re: Selections and Gaussian blur

gscotten wrote:

Eliot Kramer wrote:

Sometimes, when I make a selection and use a Gaussian blur or similar filter on that selection it will take the pixels outside the selection and average/blur them in, so that the selection is contaminated

Is this what you mean?

The box on the right was the selection and I gaussian blurred it. It picked up the red from outside the selection and contaminated the selection.

If that is your issue, the best way to deal with it is to use the Lens Blur instead of Gaussian Blur. In the old days you had to use the Layer Mask mode, but now all the Lens Blur modes honor the selection.

This tip was presented here long ago by a great retoucher and teacher, Peano. I wish he were still here, as I still have a VERY great deal to learn.


Eureka!!! EVERYONE PLEASE look at what I am talking about, the red flare spilling onto the white box.

Don't you see it people?

Ok, on to more obnoxious bratty part of this post. I don't understand at all why people would suggest "masking".

There is nothing to mask here. If you mask out the pink contamination you are back to where you were, an unblurred selection.

Waiting for Sabrina81 to finally spell it out for us how to avoid it.

In the mean time trying to figure out where my preferences file is and how to save/erase it.

Last time something happened and I lost all my actions and filters and had a massive problem. So I am very much afraid of touching any settings and erasing/updating things.

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