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I had meant to upload pictures this past weekend, but work and family have made life very busy. I will be uploading images soon and linking to RAW images, but thought I would add some additional observations.

I took my K1 and K3 to a local park and then to the Kennebec River here in Central Maine (in the US).

I compared the new D FA 50 to the 43 and 77 Limiteds, the D FA 24-70, and the D FA 28-105. I have not looked at the 28-105 images yet, but it is very clear that the new D FA 50 outperforms the 43, 77, and 24-70 in a very noticeable way at all comparable apertures--of course, looking closely at test images. Things even out a bit as you get to the more narrow apertures, but the D FA 50 is the clear winner (at least to me).

Funny thing happened with the D FA 28-105. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this. I could not get it to take a 50 mm image. It was either 48 mm or 53 mm--and, I tried several times making very slight adjustments.

I have used the 43, 77, and 24-70 to take great pictures and I think we all know these are all very nice lenses. The new D FA 50, though, really does squeak out better contrast, more sharpness (over a greater area of the frame), and has extremely pleasing bokeh. It is of course, bigger, heavier, and more expensive (well, comparable in price to the D FA 24-70). And, so far I have not noticed any weak areas in images suggesting all elements are properly in place (i.e., no de-centering).

I did (sometimes) notice more LoCA--but I was looking for it (pretty noticeable at f1.4 at times and other times when I would have thought it would be apparent at 1.4 it was barely noticeable). Using Photoshop CC 2018 Adobe Camera RAW I clicked the lens profile, clicked "Remove Chromatic Aberration," and under the manual tab under lens corrections I defringed green by +2 and any remaining magenta/purple by +1 or +2. And, I did this for testing. I may not have chosen to remove anything unless it was obvious.

A few years ago chromatic aberration was more problematic for me. I was over thinking things, I am sure. I tried the DA* 200 and obtained one of the best pictures of one of our children, which I printed and have framed in our living room. I returned the DA* 200 due to the very noticeable purple fringing. If I had it back I might be more patient with it.

I will post pictures soon and link to either Dropbox or Google Drive so you can review the RAW images.

So far, looking good.

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