Selections and Gaussian blur

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Re: Selections and Gaussian blur

Eliot Kramer wrote:

Look at the bottom part of the rectangle. Things got blurs and the boundaries are respected.

Look at the top of the rectangle. The boundaries are NOT respected, the pixels got mixed in with a transparency I guess and now you can see THROUGH it to the underlying layer.

No, the top part of the rectangular selection is outside the radial circle, in the gray area, so it's blurring gray. You can't see the top edge of the rectangle.

Here is the same image with a second rectangle selected and blurred. G/blur should not bleed outside a selection. If it does, there's something buggy in your PS. Again: Delete the preferences file and see if that solves the problem. (Save your current copy of that file in case it doesn't solve it. Then you can restore all your custom settings.)

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