Selections and Gaussian blur

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Re: Selections and Gaussian blur

True, when making selections for the purpose of applying filters or effects selectively, one encounters the problem of how to include/exclude areas near edges for blending treatment.

I have been faced with the problem you state, and have found a much simpler workaround, which does not involve selections at all.

Keeping in mind, the software I use is Affinity Photo, you will need to extrapolate the below into equivalent functions in PS.....

Keeping in mind also, I've been editing images for less than one year, so take this with a grain or two of salt...  This newbie says, sometimes simpler is better.

1. Make a duplicate layer of the entire image, don't bother with making any selections.

2. Apply a new adjustment layer to the duplicate layer you just created, in this case, a
Gaussian Blur, setting the Blur to the level you wish, for the area to be blurred, disregarding the blurring of the rest of the image layer.

3. Invert the adjustment layer you just created, so that the blur disappears entirely.

4. Paint a layer mask back onto the area you wish to blur, experimenting with your paintbrush's size, flow, opacity and hardness until you have the blur you like in the areas in which you want to have blur.

5. If you wish, change the opacity and/or blend mode and/or blend range of the adjustment layer you modified in step 4, to suit.

I find this to be a lot quicker, simpler, more predictable and more controllable than attempting to deal with all the choices and conditions induced by making a selection to begin with.

Hope this helps...!!!

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