More accolades for the Canon 6D II...

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Re: Yep -- price matters (obviously).

IvanM wrote:

All valid points....but if you are 'into' Canon, like I am, I'm really not going to compare it with anything else on the market. All I want to know is, is it a worthwhile upgrade compared to what I had before?

That's *exactly* how I think Canon sees it, too!

I also read the reviews and decided against it when it was launched...but a fortnight ago I asked Canon for a loan model and tried it out for myself for a week.

Although I felt the sensor was no worse than the old 6D I have, it did have more megapixels, which was nice and noticeable, but all the other stuff like the much improved AF, touchscreen, dual axis spirit levels, swivel screen, good resolution at high iso's was what impressed me. silent shutter is not so nice as the old model. Live view focus was very very good, and the touchscreen made using manual shift lenses a breeze ( I have the 24TSmk2 )

So yes yesterday I ordered one as my workhorse camera for the next 3-4 years. My backup will be the eos M6...believe it or not....and yes I make a living with these cameras...

I'm not saying the 6D2 is a bad camera -- I have one and love it.  But that does not mean that there are not other cameras that are a lot better for many, if not most, people at the same asking price.

There are two ways to put frame this in a thought experiment:

  • If Canon sensors and Sony/Nikon sensors were switched, I think we all know what Canon users would be saying about Canon vs the competition.
  • If there was only one lens mount, and all lenses worked equally as well on all bodies regardless of brand, how many Canon users would have bought Canon for their next camera?  Whatever the number, I'm sure it would be a lot less than what it was.

That said, I'm hoping (but not expecting) good things from Canon's FF mirrorless entry.

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