Selections and Gaussian blur

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Re: Selections and Gaussian blur

Hi Eliot

I totally understand your issue as I have experienced the same thing.  So here is a second easier solution then next a better explanation of why I was using a content aware fill on my first suggestion in my prior post

Note that most of the blur functions do reach out underneath the selection in their calculations so a bit difficult to get around that issue.

1) An easier way to get around this yet not perfect is the Lens Blur option instead of Guassian.  I do believe that blur option totally respects the selection boundary as you desire

2) My first option that I gave you in the prior post allows one to use a Gaussian blur yet is more complex.

To make sure that only the pixels inside the selection are used for the Gaussian Blur one has to have that blur filter only see the inside pixels, outside the selection.  If you select everthing outside your original selection (using inverse selection) and then do a Content Aware Fill, the source of the pixels with which it will do the fill are all pixels outside that selection (which are the pixels inside your original selection area.

Give it a try and you wilil see.

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John Wheeler

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