Selections and Gaussian blur

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Re: Selections and Gaussian blur

Seems I wasn't fully clear with what I want and am getting a bit of a mixed bag of responses.

Here is what I am after.

1. Make a selection.

2. Blur INSIDE the selection.

3. Have ONLY the pixels inside the selection contribute to the blur and NOT the pixels from outside the selection.

Here is an example.

I have a dark skin model standing next to a white wall and the wall has a smudge that is close to them. I select the wall part all the way UP to the model's skin. Now the smudge and wall are inside the selection, the model and the rest are outside.

When I apply blur to the selection the pixels from the model get pulled in and blurred together with the pixels inside the selection and so now you have another smudge, but now coming from the model so I am back to the situation of having a smudge next to the person and not a clean wall.

However, a few times it happened as I was hoping it would, only pixels inside the selection were blurred but I don't know why or how since I didn't do anything different.

I can still do what I want to do but it is tedious and I have to repeat the clean up a few separate times so I was hoping for a well controlled way of doing it.

I am mostly doing free hand selections with a lasso tool or using PS select options, everything is set to 0 pixels as far as softness. I do not want to soften the edge of the selection at all, that would smudge up the edge of the model and would look unnatural.

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