Some mirrorless options for Pentax

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Re: Some mirrorless options for Pentax

I'm overwhelmed by your post! It needs a lot of thought.

Instead of responding immediately, I've bookmarked it for continued examination.

I've followed the links you provided. I had my K-7 converted to IR, (with only limited success, mostly because of my lack of skills). I'm expecting to have my K-3 converted too, and this time take it more seriously.

Thanks for such a thought-provoking response!

Skip py wrote:

Hi Barry

A bit late, but like Roland I'd rather like something between options 1 and 2 :

keep the same K-mount WR body but replace the "mirror box" by a "filter box" and the pentaprism by a nice EVF like Nikon's (optional zooming and AF assistance would be great too sometimes) !

That would make a difference on an almost saturated market, following a long Pentax tradition :

1°) Outdoor photographers may be pleased to have small rear filters at hand "inside" our well protected body (cheaper, safer, and always avalaible). Add a switch to select the one(s) to use, like different ND filters to choose from, and a polarizer if it could fit in ? (You'll still have to bring your GND filters and adapter for some shots)

2°) Replacing the default "filter box" by another more specialized one, Pentax could even open this camera to scientific or institutional professionals interested for example by UV and IR (full spectrum as default, with visible, UV and IR filters selected inbody).

Today, when your camera have been converted for an IR spectrum ... that's it : you can't change that to try another spectrum of the same subject ! Dramatic effects could be achieved this way : have a look at Kolari Vision or LifePixel examples if you're not convinced.

If you choose a Full spectrum body conversion (ranging all the way from UV to IR), then you need a special filter for all your lenses, and swap filters on each lens when you want to take a normal shot (visible spectrum), an UV one, an IR one (850/720/665/590nm) : why not put it in our empty "mirror box" ? Take it into account when positionning the sensor and the K-mount (little change in optical path).

3°) Astrophotography should be another market, as special conversions are also offered at a price, to adjust sensor's signal acquisition ?

Nowadays, I can't justify to buy a new camera and add conversion prices just for a try and bring all these filters in my bag. If I can buy a new camera with everything in place without problems with the official warranty ... and add later on (when I get the cash) a special box or a special filter, that's a completely different point of view.

Working with KalariVision, LifePixel or another well established professional, could help to sell even more Pentax lenses, if these are good enought for each spectrums (no IR hot spot for example) ! Well, even flares of the Pentax DA 15mm are interesting in IR pictures with a converted K01 (almost none in visible spectrum with K-3).

Regards, Fred


1. If Pentax ever goes this way one day, don't forget that inbody (and adjustable) color profiles for each spectrum should be a big plus too for IR photographers (don't know yet for UV), to feel how dramactic the results could be after post processing in B&W or false colors ! Exporting and sharing profiles with another body (backup or complementary one) would be even more appreciated.

2. If it sells, Pentax could generalize and offer for each model (FF & APS-C) a DSLR and a MILC version, sharing most of the same components and firmware upgrades (LV improvements to be expected).

3. A standard inbody magnetic frame around the rear screen and an adapted high quality optical magnifier would also be great, for both MILC and DSLR, as it helps handling of long lenses (like the 150-450) while providing enhanced details of the frame in LV.

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