Selections and Gaussian blur

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Re: Selections and Gaussian blur

Hi Eliot

Here is one way to get the blur as if only applied to the pixels inside the selection

1) Duplicate the original image to the Layer above

2) In this new Layer select the area you wish to blur

3) Invert this selection (Shift+Cmd+I or Shift+Ctrl+I on PCs) and do a content aware fill of the area outside the original selection  (Edit>Fill.......)

4) Invert the selection again so it goes back to the original selection

5) Apply Gaussian Blur directly to pixels or convert to Smart Object first before blur so you can go back and adjust as desired easily

6) Convert selection to Layer Mask so the blur only applies to selection area in the Layer below.

7) Optionally merge down to have it revert to a single Layer (yet this makes it harder to go back and fine tune your edits)

This may not work perfectly for all conditions yet I believe it should improve your success rate.  Hope it helps some.

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John Wheeler

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