Some mirrorless options for Pentax

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Re: Mirrorless FF K1 using K mount?

Hi Barry:

Very interesting writeup on the options available.  I for one would go for a FF K1 mirrorless about the size of the K01; if it had good AF, viewfinder and handling then it could be a winner.  Likely Ricoh do not want to invest i a brand new mount like the Nikon Z.


Barry Pearson wrote:

I thought I'd sketch some of the options for hypothetical future mirrorless Pentax cameras.

Option 1: Don't do it!

(I don't want to start a rumour. I have no evidence that Ricoh/Pentax have any intention of releasing a mirrorless system camera).

Option 2: Mirrorless K-mount cameras

Pentax doesn't have to follow the examples of Sony, Nikon, etc.

Staying with K-mount doesn't necessarily prevent new lens designs taking advantage of having no mirror to avoid.

Option 3: New mount for mirrorless cameras

This could be done without alienating people with a large investment in K-mount lenses, while still enabling new lens designs to take advantage of having no mirror to avoid.

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