Some mirrorless options for Pentax

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Barry Pearson wrote:

Fogel70 wrote:

.... Ideally a rear element very close to the sensor would have to cover the whole image circle so the the light hit the sensor in a straight angle.

Leica tried another technique: Micro Lenses in front of the the sensor that vary according to their radius from the centre of the sensor:

"Its unique pixel and microlens architecture enables optimum results at all apertures, particularly wide open – even rays of light arriving at the sensor from oblique angles are precisely captured by its photodiodes ...."

(I don't know how transferable this would be to a Pentax mirrorless camera).

Yes. Sometimes it cost a lot by re-using an old mount. The small diameter of the M-mount and support of old RF-lenses have forced Leica use unconventional work around. But cost of equipment does not seem to be a problem for Leica users.

First they had to limit sensor size to APS-H. Then they needed to use a custom design FF-sensor. A sensor like that probably cost at least twice as much as Pentax pay for Sony 36MP sensor.

But a solution like this would not work for a DSLR-mount, as all existing DSLR lenses would perform worse.

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