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Re: Stripped to the bones MILC version of K-1?

Greyser wrote:

Let's admit that K-01 was not really a flop. I think Pentax over reacted and came with it when MILC technology was not there yet. And recognised designer involvement was not smart move either.

Would you buy simplified not expensive Pentax K-mount FF MILC without all high end DSLR whistles, but with reliable AF, decent EVF, fast FPS, K-1 articulated screen, and IBIS? Some are crazy about Astrotracer, pixel shift, etc., but do we all use it every day? I'm talking about kind of "cheap student edition" K-mount style MILC. Or even further: new mount/K-adapter combo to test MILC waters without pretending to fill MILC leaders shoes. Yes, the main customer will be, most likely, existent Pentax shooters. But who knows? Such camera might be the least expensive way into MILC world to test and hone more mature further offerings. Recently I read somewhere that there is a trend in mobil phone industry back to simplified not as smart handsets.


That sounds like something I'd be interested in.

I already have a good FF camera.

But I also have some old manual focus Pentax lenses I'd like to use.

So its a second body I'm looking for.

The K-1 is just too good a camera. Way over what I am looking for / and willing to pay for.

IMHO there is probably a lot of market (people) that would be into buying a K-mount camera, but aren't willing to spend as much as a K-1.

IMHO no need to lower the price of the K-1. Let it remain at its price point. It's worth it.

But instead . . . release lower end models at lower price points. But remove features to segment the products. Like other companies are doing.

But . . . make it a really fun camera! Not intimidating!

As simple to use as the old Pentax K1000!

A lot of the cameras compete on specs.

But there are cameras that compete on fun! Like the Fujifilm cameras (both digital and film).

I'd like to see a Pentax camera compete on fun!

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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