More accolades for the Canon 6D II...

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Yep -- price matters (obviously).

Silvex wrote:

Battersea wrote:

Would the reaction been different? I kinda feel that the criticism would have still been there. The drop in price and the actual user reviews have boosted it's reputation some though.

There still would have been disappointment over some of the features it does not have by people wanting something different. But it would not so easily have drawn comparisons to cameras in the $2000 price range. There would have been more of a recognition that the 6D2 is an enthusiasts' full frame.

"It's a different world now than in 2012 when the 6D's only real competition was Nikon's D600. Now, we have the likes of mirrorless full-frame challengers from Sony as well as updated and highly capable DSLRs from Nikon and Pentax, all at similar or even lower price points." (DPR 6D Mark II Review)

If it had been launched at $1499 it would have been revolutionary. People would have been discussing how it was the first FF to be launched in that price space, what a great value it was, etc., etc. Incrementally, there would have been some of that at $1599.

Think of price like a sports league. The worst player in the NFL would be a star in College and there would be no competition for him in High School. There is no competition for the 6D2 in the <$1500 league. But the 6D2 was thrown out there in the $2000 league to compete with much better cameras. That made it look bad.

I was very critical of the 6D2 at launch. But when Adorama had them for $1050 ($1350 with free goods) at Thanksgiving, I didn't think twice about buying one. Hands down, it's the best camera I have bought for that price.

The issue was not the 6D2 so much, but how it was priced compared to the competition.  It's a great camera for the $1280 I got mine for (Canon refurb, after tax), but no way would I have paid the initial asking price.

Of course, the 6D2 was still a disappointment to many in two major ways:  DR and 4K.  The 5D4 was a substantial upgrade over the 5D3 in terms of DR (don't know much about video).  Had the 6D2 had the same DR and 4K as the 5D4, I think everyone would have been happy to pay Canon's initial asking price, although there would have been complaints when the A73 came out later for the same price.

Still, my point is that price absolutely matters because it gives context for the expectations.  A 6D2 at $1199 is absolutely the right price and people would be universally hailing it at that price point.

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