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Re: Stripped to the bones MILC version of K-1?

Greyser wrote:


Would you buy simplified not expensive Pentax K-mount FF MILC without all high end DSLR whistles, but with reliable AF, decent EVF, fast FPS, K-1 articulated screen, and IBIS? Some are crazy about Astrotracer, pixel shift, etc., but do we all use it every day? I'm talking about kind of "cheap student edition" K-mount style MILC.

That sounds interesting!

It sounds like a respectable first K-mount FF camera for some people. (I keep seeing wishes from people who want a cheaper way of getting to FF, perhaps using some of their existing FF lenses).

It also sounds like a respectable second K-mount FF camera for people who want a back-up FF camera, or a camera to use alongside their FF SLR for certain situations. (That is one of my wishes).

I'm not sure what "high end DSLR whistles" are being omitted. With "reliable AF, fast FPS, K-1 articulated screen, and IBIS", it sounds like the feature-set I would use 90% of the time. Make that "really fast FPS" and I might buy one tomorrow!

My answer to your question appears to be:

"Yes, to co-exist alongside my K-1ii for purposes where "mirrorless+EVF" would suit me better than "SLR", and as a back-up in case my K-1ii broke".
(I would then put my K-3ii into storage).

(I would class "astrotracer, pixel shift" more as "Pentax goodies". They, and some other things such as a 2nd card slot, and the function & setting dials, could easily be omitted without being heavily criticised by people who are not familiar with them, or by people who have them on an alternative Pentax FF camera).

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