Some mirrorless options for Pentax

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Re: Stripped to the bones MILC version of K-1?

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Greyser wrote:

Let's admit that K-01 was not really a flop.

It was. It takes just fine pictures, but did not sell well. Until you lowered the price so much it probably sold with a loss.

That's debatable.

They had plans for at least a lens dedicated to the K-01 - they canceled those plans, likely because how the camera was received. From this regard, this was a flop.

Yet they also made a new batch - the blue edition - for the Asian markets. Even after the price reduction, it was somewhat worth it.

Overall, I consider it a failure as a product (less so as a photographic tool). It's why I believe that just making a mirrorless K-mount isn't enough, there must be something to differentiate it, to make it attractive. Unfortunately, I don't see what it could be.


No, there is no compromise possible. No Pentax mirrorless with the existing DSLR camera (K) mount! At first it was Olympus who discovered it, then Sony, then Canon and now Nikon. Do not expect any miracles from Pentax. They tried it once and failed!

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