Some mirrorless options for Pentax

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So regarding old Pentax lenses . . .

So, regarding old Pentax lenses . . . what functionality might be preserved?

Would it be a completely new system, like when Canon went to the EOS lens mount?

Will it lose AF with older lenses without built-in focus motors, like when Nikon introduced the Nikon D40?

Will it add capability like an electronic aperture that does not need the aperture lever in-body?

I was thinking about a potential adapter that . . . the aperture lever of older lenses is actuated manually with a manual lever on the side of the adapter.

That way . . . no aperture lever motor would need to be added to a hypothetical mirrorless body, but . . . in a way . . . you could get stop down metering with older lenses?

A goofy idea.

But sort of like a more manual version of stop down metering with Pentax-M lenses.

So, either the camera could sense that the lens has been stopped down, through either a sensor built into the lens adapter, or you could then press the AE-L button on the back of the camera . . . or the camera could sense it in the change in light and guess when you are press the button?

So . . . how what would the adapter look / function like?

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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