Calibrating with Sigma USB dock question.

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Calibrating with Sigma USB dock question.

I have question/dilemma about procedure.

There are 4 distances and we want to calibrate for each one. The way I did it was:

1. Find offset for 1. distance, then delete value saved by Nikon AFFT.
2. Find offset for 2. distance, then delete value saved by AFFT.
3. and 4. same as above.

And now that I have all distances corrected separately (written down on paper) I would write them to firmware all at once. I'm not sure if this is the right way.

Other way to go about it would be to:

1. Find offset 1. distance, write it to firmware of lens, delete AFFT value on camera, and repeat that for all other distances.

I'm aware that calibrating one distance may pass along different base for offest calculation to another distance, and there are probably other factors so I would kindly ask for advise about best approach.


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