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Re: To play the devil's advocate . . . time for another FF dSLR?

Barry Pearson wrote:

TacticDesigns wrote:

If so, does it make sense for Ricoh/Pentax to expend lots of development resource to help you do something you didn't need to do?

You didn't provide an answer to that question that would convince Ricoh/Pentax!

Ricoh is a business, answerable to its shareholders.

Its developments need to be justified according to their return on investment.

Ricoh is not a "non-profit", nor a charity.

Ricoh should invest in new products that will cause more people to spend money with them, or cause individual people to spend more money with them.

They shouldn't divert their scarce development resources towards low margin products that will result in little or no subsequent revenues.

I believe their future flagship cameras (FF or APS-C) should be aimed high, not low. And should appeal to people who will accompany their purchases of such cameras with new high quality lenses (and other accessories).

Ok, let me play devil's advocate again . . . a couple of ways . . .

1. Walk before you run.

It has been my tack to try things out before I really dive into things.

That is why I had a Canon 10D, Nikon D70s and Pentax K100d all at the same time.

The Pentax K100d was given to me by my dad. The Canon 10D and Nikon D70s I picked up for cheap used to try out the system.

Once I got comfortable, then I was willing to spend more money at it.

But with Pentax only having one FF model, how do people test out the waters?

Instead . . . maybe people who want to test out FF are going to go to the Canon 6D or Nikon D610 / D750?

And . . . once they have the body, they buy a couple of lenses, maybe a flash unit and . . . then they are potentially locked into the system.

Sure, you could say the APS-C is the entry point. And for a lot of people it may be. But . . . for anyone that their intent is to try out FF . . . then APS-C is not the entry point.

2. If you can't sell your lenses to buy new lenses . . . would you buy new lenses?

Yes. Most of my lenses are bought used.

But . . . if there weren't people like me buying used, then . . . no one would be able to sell their old lenses when they want to buy a new lens from Pentax.

So . . . there are two benefits from this.

Although I bought used Nikon compatible lenses to get me up and running with Nikon dSLR . . . it resulted in me buying 2 new Nikon compatible lenses and 3 new Nikon dSLR bodies along the way. Because I was able to test out the waters buying used!

And . . . for the people I bought the used lenses from, hopefully that opened up some cash (and shelf space) for them to buy the new lens they wanted.


EDIT: So . . . in a way . . . used lenses and cameras (as well as lenses passed down through generations) are also an entry point into the Pentax eco system.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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