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Re: To play the devil's advocate . . . time for another FF dSLR?

Fogel70 wrote:

TacticDesigns wrote:


Keep bring out a new K-1 for users to upgrade to the new model?

Maybe at that point in time it would make sense to open up to net to invite more people into the family.

Lower end stuff may come in the future, but right now the whole camera industry seems to be about selling higher end stuff as it is where most profits are. Most of the lower end has very little profit or have been completely killed by smartphones.

That does seem to be the push.

Maybe that is kinda short term thinking?

Where do the new users come from?

What if there was a digital successor to the Pentax K1000?

Every Pentax DSLR has in some way been a successor to K1000. But camerass today are much cheaper than they where 40 years ago. When K1000 was released it did cost $300 with a 55/2 kit lens, which is over $1300 in todays value.

So it is about the same price range as for KP with 18-135mm kit lens.

I guess one way to look at it was that the K1000 was the entry-level camera.

But . . . it inherited a lot from the Spotmatic series, which in its day was a high end camera!

So . . . maybe just do a trickle down process again.

This happens all the time, basically on every new released camera.

When the Pentax K-1 III comes out, let some of the Pentax K-1 features trickle down into a more entry-level body for new users to try out the Pentax eco-system?

But a FF sensor.

Before a budget FF DSLR will come, alot more budget FF lenses has to be released. Before that happen, Pentax low budget will belong to APS-C.

I already have a Pentax APS-C dSLR. I don't need another one.

Actually . . . I currently have 3 Pentax APS-C dSLR cameras.

Two Nikon APS-C dSLR cameras.

And a Nikon FF dSLR camera.

I'm not interested in another APS-C dSLR.

I think I'm saturated with APS-C dSLR cameras. LOL.

Pentax K1 II is already among the cheaper FF cameras on the market. It is mainly older FF cameras released many years ago that are sold cheaper.

But too rich for my blood.

It wouldn't be my main camera.

And the Pentax K-1 is such a nice camera, it is complete overkill for what I would want to do with it! LOL.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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