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Re: To play the devil's advocate . . . time for another FF dSLR?

Barry Pearson wrote:

TacticDesigns wrote:

To play the devil's advocate . . .

Pentax only has 1 FF dSLR camera.

What if another model was introduced?

Has most of the people that are going to get the Pentax K-1 (II) already gotten their camera?

If so, time to open up the gates for the rest of us who think the Pentax K-1 is just way too much camera for what they want to do with it?

I just want a FF sensor to toss my old manual focus lenses on so I can use them at their original focal length.

What do you want to achieve?

To use the old manual focus Pentax lenses my dad gave me at their original intended angle of view.

The thing is, growing up, my dad always had a Pentax SLR camera.

Originally the Pentax SV. And then the Pentax ME Super and Super Program.

The thing is, I always thought I'd have one of his cameras with me taking pictures of my kids.

My dad did give me the Pentax ME Super and Super Program, but neither of them work anymore.

But he also gave me a Pentax K100d and all the old manual focus lenses.

But . . . the last Pentax film camera I used was the Pentax K1000. My sister's.

I still remember the last time I ran a roll of film through it.

It was such a simple and fun camera.

I guess, in some ways, even though I have lots of dSLR cameras, I still want to see if I can get back to something like that.

Could you get equivalent or better photos using modern APS-C equipment?


That is what I have been doing.

But I don't have a manual focus lens wider than 28mm.

And I was wanting to play around with zone focusing with that 28mm.

Nikon and Canon have introduced lower end FF cameras. (I know. I have one.)

As time goes on, the cost of FF may come down.

If there is a Pentax FF camera (dSLR or mirrorless) that drops into a price I can justify . . . I would be interested in it.

If so, does it make sense for Ricoh/Pentax to expend lots of development resource to help you do something you didn't need to do?

No one needs to take pictures.

Life would go on without cameras.

But people want to take pictures.

But besides that . . . I look at camera series and think . . . what is the entry point to a system?

Is it APS-C? Is it a lower cost FF?

For me . . . I've had Pentax, Canon and Nikon dSLR cameras. In fact, at one time I had all three systems at the same time. LOL.

But when deciding to upgrade my Pentax K100d, I seemed trapped between upgrading to a camera that was way over what I wanted (and wanted to spend), or below my current camera in some respects.

As for Nikon. I had the D7000. (Still have it.)

But I was looking at FF. Not that I could really afford it. But it seemed the next step beyond the f/2.8 zooms I had to shoot my daughters at indoor sports.

Before Canon brought out their Canon 6D and Nikon brought out the Nikon D600, it seemed like something that would not happen for me.

But when Canon and Nikon brought out their lower end FF cameras, it at least became a possibility for me.

An entry way into their FF system.

So now, I have a Nikon D750.

But I also still have my dad's old manual focus lenses I'd like to start using again.

And . . . the memory of how fun it was to shoot that old Pentax K1000.

Oh, yeah . . . and the idea of getting three generations shooting on my dad's old Pentax lenses.

My dad shot with them. I did for a time. And my oldest daughter just finished a photography course at school last year where she used one of our Pentax ist DS cameras, and besides the kit lens, she used one of the old Pentax manual focus lenses. A Pentax-A 50mm f/2 lens that was my dad's.

So . . . starting to go on a third generation with these lenses.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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