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Re: To play the devil's advocate . . . time for another FF dSLR?

TacticDesigns wrote:

.... So . . . maybe just do a trickle down process again.

When the Pentax K-1 III comes out, let some of the Pentax K-1 features trickle down into a more entry-level body for new users to try out the Pentax eco-system?

But a FF sensor.

The camera isn't the key user cost-driver. The lenses are.

(There is no point in people appealing to Ricoh/Pentax to enable them to exploit their legacy / 2nd-hand / 3rd-party lens. There is no financial benefit to Ricoh/Pentax in doing that! Ricoh/Pentax want/need people to buy new lenses from them).

Achieving the following graphic cost more than many people would be willing to spend.

I believe an aim for Ricoh/Pentax should be to enable people to obtain a comprehensive range of new Pentax FF lenses without being discouraged by the current prices of parts of the range.

For example, I suspect that few people need, or are will to pay for, (or carry around), the D FA 15-30mm f/2.8. Perhaps a cheaper alternative is needed. (Etc).

There are some hints about that in the roadmap.

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