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Re: To play the devil's advocate . . . time for another FF dSLR?

Fogel70 wrote:

TacticDesigns wrote:

To play the devil's advocate . . .

Pentax only has 1 FF dSLR camera.

What if another model was introduced?

Has most of the people that are going to get the Pentax K-1 (II) already gotten their camera?

If so, time to open up the gates for the rest of us who think the Pentax K-1 is just way too much camera for what they want to do with it?

I just want a FF sensor to toss my old manual focus lenses on so I can use them at their original focal length.

Why not just buy something like a used Sony A7 for $400-500 and $10 adapter?


That thought has crossed my mind!

Ricoh develop cameras to be used with their current lenses. There is no profit for them in develop a cheap camera to be used with lenses sold by a different company 30-40 years ago.

I have to admit . . . I know what I'd like to see and do not consider whether it makes sense or not. LOL.

Not really my task, unless they are hiring!

I guess I look at the Pentax K-1 and think . . . ok, great camera!

But how big is the target market?

People with existing lenses would make up a lot of the people buying the Pentax K-1.

And to an lesser extent there will be people buying into the system.

The Pentax K-1 has been on the market for two years.

Not a long time.

Once most of the people who plan to get a Pentax K-1 (II) have gotten theirs . . . what next?

Keep bring out a new K-1 for users to upgrade to the new model?

Maybe at that point in time it would make sense to open up to net to invite more people into the family.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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