Some mirrorless options for Pentax

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Re: Some mirrorless options for Pentax

flektogon wrote:

I don't think that it would be wise for Pentax to come with a new mount. If an average Pentax user like myself (who likes the Pentax brand, but is not crazy in love with Pentax) wants to switch to a MILC, well, there are dozens of options already available from Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Canon and now even from Nikon. But Pentax in my opinion could improve their DSLR cameras to be smaller (if not lighter as well), closer to how the MILC look like. Especially the FF DSLR cameras should be smaller. Here I do not understand why for example the K-1 has to be such a monster. Why such a FF DSLR can't be like the K-3 for example? The K-3 "chamber" should be already large enough to accommodate the FF-sized sensor and mirror (if not, here Pentax should concentrate their effort), so I really I do not see any reason why the Pentax FF DSLR cameras can't be smaller. They don't need to have articulated LCD panels, I wouldn't mind if they didn't have any rear LCD at all. I think this is the way most suitable for Pentax.

The reason for Ricoh to release a mirrorless sytem should be for them to reach for the mirrorless market. For this they would need a fully optimized mirrorless system, that other users are looking for.

If they release a K-mount mirrorless camera it mainly would compete with K-mount DSLR sales, which Ricoh do not gain much on. So this will happen if/when mirrorless can fully replace DSLR. K-01 was an experiment that did not go well; so it will probably take time before they try this again.

The Q went much better as fully optimized mirrorless system, and it was quite successful for a time, but small sensor cameras do not have much place when smartphones are totally dominating the small sensor market.

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