Some mirrorless options for Pentax

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Re: Some mirrorless options for Pentax

Barry Pearson wrote:

For reasons I've identified above, it would necessarily be significantly larger than a K-S1. (How successful was the K-S1? It was below my radar).

But I don't know what the minimum size would be. I know you are not the only person who would like a smaller FF camera!

One SD card? Smaller battery? Fewer dedicated dials and screens? Given that it would still be expensive because it was an FF camera, would it sell without such features? I suspect FF cameras raise expectations, and those imply imply size and weight.

The K-S1 is one beautiful and perfect camera. It was not very well accepted, because it was different! And people generally do not like anything was it "different", whether cameras, or other people. So, for sure there are many shooters like me, who would happily acquire a FF DSLR camera, if it wasn't such a monster. So, if I decide to get one, and if Pentax meantime doesn't come with a smaller model, I will abandon the Pentax brand without a wink of eye. And there are many like me. And what would I do with my Pentax lenses? For sure there will be adapters to use them on every other camera brand.

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