Some mirrorless options for Pentax

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Re: Some mirrorless options for Pentax

Jhaakas wrote:

Barry Pearson wrote:

I thought I'd sketch some of the options for hypothetical future mirrorless Pentax cameras.

Option 3: New mount for mirrorless cameras

This could be done without alienating people with a large investment in K-mount lenses, while still enabling new lens designs to take advantage of having no mirror to avoid.

A new mount deosnt have to alienate people! There are all the existing models for K mount.

This can be just one option for those who need mirrorless. Like Nikon's Z, they still have their 610, 750 850 etc...

And from Pentax perspective, those who already have lenses are not going to by them again.

Its new buyers like myself who now find it difficult to resist Z6 over K1ii

In the end, Pentax is going to keep option1

I hope not, because I want a mirrorless Pentax (alternative) camera that can take my existing FF lenses.

I'm trying to identify whether I would be better off with an FF or an APS-C mirrorless camera. Either way, in the hypothetical case where it appeared now, it would probably replace my K-3ii, which is mainly a back-up to my K-1ii. Except that such a mirrorless camera would probably be an alternative, not a back-up.

I want a mirrorless camera because I believe it would be better for me in some circumstances. But Ricoh/Pentax will make their own decision, and I'll have to live with it!

(I don't assume that if Pentax did bring out such a camera, they would immediately cease making SLRs! Any more than they stopped making APS-C cameras when they released the K-1-series).

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