Some mirrorless options for Pentax

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Re: Some mirrorless options for Pentax


The only option that makes sense is a new (to Pentax) mount, with an adaptor that preserves current K-mount lens investments and continuing K-mount development. K-mount dSLRs are still the breadwinner, and still have a future.

Why I say "new (to Pentax)" is that as a niche player, partnerships can be important. Sharing or licensing the mount of a current MILC brand might be interesting. Pentax knows how to make great lenses, but using an existing mount removes most of the pressue to have a full range of lenses available on launch. They could concentrate on the camera first, and fill in lenses later.  That also takes some of the risk out of the lens development; they'd have a market whether the camera took off or not. I'd like to see a FF MILC equivalent of a cross-vendor MFT mount.

I don't see any reason for an OVF on a MILC. Continuous feed to both the sensor and viewfinder is, to me, the major point of mirrorless--more than any size reduction. SLRs are comparatively crippled for video use.

It's not a do-or-die-now issue. Pentax needs to be working on it, but, again IMHO, doesn't need a product on the street in the near term. Let's define 'near term' as 0-2 years, 'eventually' as 2-5 years.


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