Z6/Z7 Battery Life - 310-330 Shots, 10-15 Min Recording Locked

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Re: Recording time may be a typo

caterpillar wrote:

Tapper123 wrote:

I've seen one source report that the correct recording time number is 85 minutes per charge, and that the 10-15 is a typo. We'll see.

Or maybe the recording limit per shoot of one continuous segment. That sounds more reasonable. It's hard for me to think that such battery can only go for 15min tops.

Credible if they stand by the 330 stills rating. Don't forget the camera doesn't have a flash, so that power consumption looks really poor.

The E-M1 battery I think is good for maybe 30-40 minutes of video on a good fully charged one. Yet I can also get maybe 1200 stills in silent mode from a battery if I do it in about an hour and a half. So from this ratio, 10-15 minutes video from one battery on a Z camera doesn't look unbelievable to me.

You might possibly get 1600 shots out of a Z camera if as soon as you turn it on, you keep your finger on the shutter. But who uses their camera like that? It's keeping the sensor on constantly while you're composing or waiting to take shots that really drains mirrorless batteries.

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