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IWalk wrote:

I think this camera is still hard for the enthusiast to use. If you are a Nikon shooter and want to upgrade you are dropping $2,000 or $3,400 on a camera body. Then to be able to fit all your old Nikon F lenses, you'd have to buy an adapter for several hundred dollars.

I don't know

Then on top of that the card slot, though the single slot won't hurt the hobby photographer, it will hurt their wallet. The Z6 and Z7 both have an XQD slots. So cards for this camera are also pricey. It is sad that they didn't opt to put in an SD card reader slot and a XQD slot. Though we are moving to XQD cards in the future, I think Nikon should account for the transition phase. Even Canon cameras had dual slots for CF and SD cards when the transition was happening. Before you even put a lens on the camera you are either spending almost $3,000 or $4,400.

I think the use of thte XQD was a mistake. The SD Express was already announced and looming. I would have gone for that. Or at least UHS-2 for the interim. AFter all, this is a version 1 product. Reserve the SDExp card for the mark 2 in 2-3 year's time.

But even with the XQD cards, it is still ironic that the buffer is shallow. Early reports indicate only 22 frames shots. Maybe this will change once the production body is out. But I doubt it. Maybe Nikon was hoping a fast saving slot will offset the shallow buffer?

All this, paired with the very low battery life, I don't think I would buy.

Another sore point. Though again, I would still wait for actual reports on the true count of shots and video. I still think 1,500-2,000 shots is possible. I think for most, this number is good enough. The lower shot count is due to 2 reasons. The high rez EVF, and the use of LCD vs optical shooting only with the D850.

Many people know the struggle of having a load of Sony batteries in their pocket for their mirrorless cameras, imagine having even more in your pocket at all times.

I've said it before, once Canikon goes serious MILC, the same invectives and criticism they have been throwing at Sony for years will now be their own. Even the difficult menu, the added options will likely overwhelm them.

Once the reviews come in, the weaknesses and lack attention to detail will haunt these cameras. It's partly a version 1 blues. But partly, I think, it's because, they are still trying to protect their DSLR lines. I think this is a serious mistake. It's not just sending the wrong signals, it is effectively countering your own thrust,

On the positive side, for all its faults, these cameras are solid enough for a first effort.

The problem with them though is - it won't really sway many to switch back.For one, they've already alienated the wedding/events shooters. These people are the most mobile in terms of upgrading equipment. The reason why Nikon's market share dropped is when the A7-3 and A7R-3 has shown all the features and performance benefits that the DSLRs can't give them. Wedding and event shooters pay for their equipment and any gear that would make a leap in making their lives easier, is fair game, even if it is not their used brand. With no dual card slots, limited buffer, a tentative battery life, no eye-focus, and untested AF-C for moving subjects, plus limited lenses, it's hard to justify switching back if one has the A7-3 or an A7R-3 or A9 now. And as I say often, don't measure the pro market by looking at what the sport/PJ shooters are shooting. They are few and most don't pay for their gear. Look at the wedding/events photographers because they number in the millions all over the world. That's market you want to win over, not the PJ/sport shooter in the pro segment.

Even if one is not a pro, the specs and performance differences is still a big gap. I don't own a NIkon DSLR, but even if this were a Canon brand, I still won't be budged to switch back given what the Z6 or Z7 can do. It still is bogged down by version 1 blues. If Canon will follow this type of release, then I can't see how Nikon's market share or position will improve. And it's not as if Sony will just rest on their laurels. Same with the other MILC brands.

Within the Nikon ranks, I thihnk about 15-20% are die hard OVF/DSLR fans who will never consider any MILC. So they are out of the picture to be swayed for these. The price and cost of switching though within the system or even adding to their lineup. I think people really count the cost of going Nikon MILC, it will be costly. Those adapters aren't going to be cheap and I don't know if 3rd party ones can chime in fast enough or if there is anything they need to program to make them work well. There is also the 3 lens starting lineup, etc.

It won't be cheap even switching within the same camp. And with so many limitations vs the Sony's offering, if one is neutral or wants to get the best for the same amount spent, it won't be in Nikon's camp, regardless of how one cuts and dices it.

But we shall see in the next 3-5 months how this pans out. One thing for certain for me, I am not swayed and couldn't care less how this pans out. I'll just be a spectator all that time watching impartially whatever unfolds.

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