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Re: Z6/Z7 Battery Life - 310-330 Shots, 10-15 Min Recording

I think this camera is still hard for the enthusiast to use. If you are a Nikon shooter and want to upgrade you are dropping $2,000 or $3,400 on a camera body. Then to be able to fit all your old Nikon F lenses, you'd have to buy an adapter for several hundred dollars.

Then on top of that the card slot, though the single slot won't hurt the hobby photographer, it will hurt their wallet. The Z6 and Z7 both have an XQD slots. So cards for this camera are also pricey. It is sad that they didn't opt to put in an SD card reader slot and a XQD slot. Though we are moving to XQD cards in the future, I think Nikon should account for the transition phase. Even Canon cameras had dual slots for CF and SD cards when the transition was happening. Before you even put a lens on the camera you are either spending almost $3,000 or $4,400.

All this, paired with the very low battery life, I don't think I would buy.

Many people know the struggle of having a load of Sony batteries in their pocket for their mirrorless cameras, imagine having even more in your pocket at all times.

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