Beware if National Geographic comes calling

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Re: Beware if National Geographic comes calling

minababe wrote:

Mackiesback wrote:

We get it. You think they are screwing people. No need to keep on.

Excuse me?

I stopped responding to this thread weeks ago. (Look at the time stamp of my last post before someome resurrected this thread 2 days ago. It says one month.) Someone resurrected this thread this past week, responded to me directly, then kept arguing with me. I even told him that I agreed with him yesterday, and you and others joined in the fray, anyway.

So it's not me that's "keeping on"; it's you and others who keep arguing with me and others to me about this issue, even going so far to brag about being able to drink from beer from a yacht (whatever that means). Now after arguing and arguing, you have the gall to tell me that I'm "keeping on" when all I'm doing is responding to your persistent comments arguing that me and others like me are wrong for thinking the way we do.

So, no--YOU stop "keeping on." YOU stop arguing. Move on, just like I and others had a month ago.

Or feel free to keep on. However, I'll just disable notifications to this thread so that next time, I won't be able to respond to you, since responding to persistent arguments that you and others keep making means that I'm "keeping on."

LOL....good lord.

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