Pentx Q w/EyeFi Pro X2 WiFi card?

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Re: Looks like new PQI Air Card is available

TacticDesigns wrote:

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millardmt wrote:


The PQI Air card works . . . with a 16GB card, but not 32GB card.

If I remember correctly . . . it came with a 16GB card and that's what I was using with it.

It's only been recently that I've been into picking up 32GB MicroSD cards because I can use them in our old cellphones when needed.

And, for some reason, my computers do not recognize the card. If I want to transfer the pictures to my computer directly from the Micro-SD card, I have to put it into another SDcard adapter to get my computer to see the Micro-SD card.


The PQI Air card works in my computer with the 16GB card!

So everything is working as advertised!

I just have to remember to only use 16GB MicroSD cards in this thing!

Take care & Happy WiFi=ing!


Ok! So now I know the "PQI Air" (and, per DADS19, the "Toshiba") cards will work.

That's great.

I thank you. I'm going to go check out eBay right now.



Post how it works out for you.

Especially if you end up going with something else.

As I said . . . I am tempted to get the EZ Flash card to see how it compares to the PQI Air card.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

It looks like there is a new version of the PQI Air Card available.

The picture of the product shows it with a 32GB memory card.

So probably upgraded to use higher capacity cards!

I may try this out as well.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

I bought one!  Thank you again.


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