Cheap Tricks...CWB Tool (Images)

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Cheap Tricks...CWB Tool (Images)

Some time ago, someone on the Oly SLR talk forum discovered that shooting through a Pringles (TM) lid gave a pretty good WB reference. Wish I could credit the originator, but can't. Anyway, here's a refinement that seems to work well for CWB reference shots with my 10D.

I added a thin layer of white packing foam to the inside of the plastic lid to act as a diffuser. The foam is adhered to the inside of the lid with spray adhesive:

Demo shots. (garage lit with two bare 100W bulbs on the ceiling). Truck is GM Bright White, or some such color.
1. AWB result

2. Tungsten WB result

3. Reference frame )shot at the light source (100W bare tungsten bulb) through the augmented Pringles lid (histogram overlayed):

4. CWB result:

The Tungsten setting gives some improvement over AWB, and is not far from what I see under that illumination but the Custom shot more accurately reflects the color of the truck in daylight. I'm not sure how this result compares with that from the commercial product, but pretty sure I won't buy one at $100.00 or more just to find out. For what it's worth, the Pringles lid has very nearly the same outside diameter as a 77mm filter, so it is easy to hold against the end of a lens, and fits nicely in a 77mm filter case for storage.


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