X-T3 coming, Nikon announces so I buy the X-E2

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Doug MacMillan Veteran Member • Posts: 3,270
X-T3 coming, Nikon announces so I buy the X-E2

Not even the X-E2s.

Anticipation and speculation regarding the new offerings has reached a fever pitch on camera forums. There are those who have to have the latest and greatest.  There are certainly some wonderful features the new cameras will offer. So why in the world would I buy a camera that has well documented "shortcomings"?

  • The price was right - I found a gently used X-E2 at $50-$80 less than the trend over the last  6 months.  I paid not much more than 3 meals with drinks at our favorite Mexican restaurant.
  • This is a second body.  I have the X-E3 and love it. When considering investing in Fuji, I rented the X-T2 and X-Pro2 together for a week.  I loved both cameras.  I really loved having two bodies when I went shooting. I was looking for a travel camera and wanted something smaller.  The X-E3 hadn't been released yet, so after using the X-T2/X-Pro2, I rented the X-E2s for a weekend and was happy enough to go with that form factor.
  • 16mp serves my needs - I don't print huge, no more than 13x19. I have some 13x19 photos hanging that I took with my 10mp Lumix. 
  • AF is good enough - I don't shoot sports or BIF.  On the few occasions I've photographed the grandkids at track meets or T-ball, I found the X-E3 up to the task.  I love shooting with vintage film Canon and Leica lenses and will most likely use the X-E2 with them.  I shot manual focus for years, including professionally so manual focus doesn't scare me.
  • I don't shoot video. 

I'm thankful for those who live on the bleeding edge, although I'm a little confused by those who change out complete systems to get the latest and greatest. There are those of us who move a little more slowly, though. I never owned a film Canon EOS, my F-1 and FTbs worked just fine. Sure, I've held and drooled over the X-H1 and would love to have it, but a hard assessment of my needs helped me realize I can do pretty good with an "obsolete" little camera.

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