Three weeks of learning photography - what would you do?

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I was thinking of doing an online course like this or getting and following an introductory book (this is about what my budget stretches to). However, I'd love to hear recommendations from some more experienced photographers. What do you wish you had done right at the start? Is there a course, book or exercise you'd recommend?

For the price (10$ now) grab it..

That's very reasonably priced, and I see they have other courses. Anyone used this service (website) and how are their courses as a general rule? And of course if you do this one in particular, we'd all love to hear what you think of it (well I would anyway).

So I've watched quite a few of the sections now. Exposure, composition, focus and DoF, camera anatomy, portrait, and sharing online. Tbh, I'm not sure it's any better than better-than-average free content on Youtube that covers those things. It's very simplistic, it doesn't go very deep into any of the topics. Also, the presenters are kind of grating on me (that's just my personal taste though). I'll need to see what the sections on different kinds of photography are like, but they're even shorter than the other sections so I don't hold out much hope.

That said, I've ambled along with it and there's nothing bad about it, it's just not very inspired or inspiring.

Thanks for the feedback! Well, if at the end of it you think you'd like to try another service, and depending on what type of photography you are in to, you can also try CreativeLive. The good thing about CL is that each individual course has student reviews as well as a preview (although the previews are sometimes slow to play - the actual paid courses are much faster, as if they are on a different server), and a lot of the instructors are world class. I usually buy the courses when they are on sale, you should be able to get at least 50% off if not much (they have up to 85% off sometimes).

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