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....'''' I have even partially embraced the cloud in that in addition to using LR in its "classic" sense, I upload smart previews so that I can view and share photos remotely. Also the cloud is indispensable for transferring phone photos into lightroom on my desktop.

I am primarily a LR Classic user for my DSLR shots, but I use LR CC almost exactly the same way you do.

Good to know I'm not alone.

I think it will be a while before I would consider fully uploading all my originals to the cloud. To start with as long as we are able to upload smart previews then there is no need to. A full upload of originals to the cloud would really be only an extra back-up. I cant imagine that anyone would rely solely on having their originals in the cloud.

LR CC sends files to the cloud. LR Classic CC syncs to the cloud. I may one day start to explore this. Currently I only edit using desktop devices and when I travel with my laptop and bring a WD 2TB portable drive.

I use my phone as a backup to my dslr - the best camera is the one you have with you. LR CC gets these photos to my pc real easily via the cloud.

I'm intrigued with being able to import LR collections into Portfolio but you have to use the cloud to do that.

I am a growing fan of Portfolio. I have a site on Flickr, but I like Portfolio for sharing family photos with family, and not with the world. You can also import files directly from a folder on your pc that you can manage via LR Classic, but since I primarily put smaller jpegs in the cloud, I can grab a whole LR CC album and import that.

That is what I'm doing now. Just importing files from the desktop. Didn't know you could  do that with an album. I was using Zenfolio, which was overkill for me and I was looking for an alternative. I didn't even know about Portfolio until I got the plan and seen it on the install app. Saved me $150 a year.

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