Safari and camera bags

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Think Tank Change Up

FWIW I'm using a Think Tank Change Up. It fits my G85 with a 100-400 mounted and my GX7 with 8-18, 35-100/2.8 or 12-35/2.8 mounted, both with nose down, with room for another large-ish lens in between them. For that matter, if I had two 100-400 lenses, it could fit both cameras with those lenses, with a third in the slot between them. It has a wide waist belt along with a couple of shoulder straps so it's quite comfortable for day-long use. When sitting in a vehicle, you can loosen the belt and let it sit high on your torso. I also have a couple of Peak Design Capture Clips, one on the belt and one on one of the shoulder straps (I'm currently using it with just one strap). There's also stretchy outside pockets which are handy for stowing lens caps and filter cases, and inner pockets for managing batteries, unused filters, lens cleaning stuff, wallet, glasses, etc.

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