Nikon 600mm f4 ED IF AiS 'New' design ser #20xxxx

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Re: Nikon 600mm f4 ED IF AiS 'New' design ser #20xxxx

RealVSK wrote:


I had a 600mm f5.6 AI?, a 300mm f2.8 AF, and a 600mmf4 AIs? S/N:178740 cleaned and regreased at Phototech in NYC:

360 West 36th Street

New York NY 10018


The 5.6 had a loose objective housing that would rotate about 20 degrees each way. They fixed that, nice and tight, and light for a 600mm.

When I got all of them back it looked like the glass inside was missing they were so clean!

If you try to do the online estimator, your lens isn't in the listing and they may tell you it's too old for them to work on. I dropped it off at the counter on 36th St and 9th Ave. It goes to NJ to their work facility and I got them back within a week. They give you a caveat that they probably can't get out of production parts.

There is a $25 estimate fee which is deducted from final work. The 600f4 was $165 total.

The 300 2.8 was going to be like $225 but ended up at about 190 because they said there were a few fungus spots that couldn't be cleaned between some of the front elements. I'll let direct sun bake it for 10 or 15 minutes to kill it w UV so it doesn't spread, I can't see it really.

I am afraid to try any disassembly. I only have the built in hoods for my lenses, not the additionals. I also need to learn more technique but I love these things. One day a 800mmf5.6, ... and I'll take it to Phototech.


Thank you very much for the reply. Will get it off to them soon.

I have ave to remember to expose to sunlight.

I seem to to remember reading somewhere where a UV light for curing fingernails was modified via a 3-D printed CAD design to fit onto front of lens and providing UV.

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