Nikon 600mm f4 ED IF AiS 'New' design ser #20xxxx

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Re: Nikon 600mm f4 ED IF AiS 'New' design ser #20xxxx

Happy to hear about more DIY folks using this classic MF telephoto lens!

I’m also in search of a repair manual to assist with cleaning. Additionally I find the front half of lens body rotates a little bit from the back half (perhaps a quarter inch), and I'm hoping the repair manual could help me tighten up whatever needs to be addressed there.

I added a “Dandellion” CPU for better metering and AF Assist, as well as modified the mount on my TC-20E III with good results. The biggest problem I have with the lens is significant chromatic aberration, which I’ve largely corrected by creating a custom lens profile from Adobe Lens Profile Creator in Lightroom. I think my profile could use some improvement though I'm getting better results than manually tweaking the chromatic aberration removal sliders.

More recently I bought an HE-5 hood extension for the lens and was hoping to get your assistance here—the hood I bought is missing two of the plastic tabs used for mounting so it doesn't mount on the lens. It appears the thinner ones from the “knob side” were moved to the far side, and the larger ones are missing. I want to 3D print replacements, but need some closeup photos of these little plastic parts and dimensions so I can accurately model and reproduce them.

Is there any way you could take off one of these tabs, take some photos, measure it with a caliper, and let me know the dimensions? I'm trying to reproduce the part as accurately as possible. It'd also help to have an estimate of the chamfer radius, and to know if the holes are orthogonal to the outer curved surface or the flat inner surface.

I plan on sharing the 3D models with the community here on Shapeways if anyone else needs these parts in the future.

I'll keep you posted if any of my efforts to get a repair manual pan out.



Dimension "g" is not strictly required. Might also be good to get a height along the center, because I figure B will be difficult to measure with a caliper.

The tabs on this HE-5 hood appear swapped from position B to position A, and the original larger ones from position A are missing.

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