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Re: There is a fix ... for something completely different!

EE-TV wrote:

andymun wrote:

Hi All,

I thought there was a fix to this. Explanation in this article on DPreview.



Wow so the cat's out the bag! First time hearing about this! And no I am no 'anti-Sony' and rubbing my hands with glee, my first ever digital camera was a Sony Cybershot, but yeah let's hope the new Nikon Z-machines don't suffer with similar difficulties. Goes to show though, there are pitfalls for rushing in to new technology without waiting for full and thorough testing... After some lengthy time. Patience is a virtue.

Reading carefully is a virtue.

That's a fix for striping caused by OSPDAF pixels on the sensor. Not anything to do with banding caused by high frequency pulses in artificial lighting.

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